Keepsake Frames


Keepsake Frames, the highest-rated framing app in the App Store, makes framing photos from your phone simple, fun, and affordable. They wanted to reach new markets through a social media video campaign. 



Keepsake Frames was looking for an authentic and modern founder video that would help their app stand out in the crowded social media space.  They planned to run the video as a paid advertisement on Facebook and Youtube to boost their sales.  

CEO presents Keepsake app in tech explainer video


Our goal in making this modern explainer video was to tell the app's story and present its benefits in the most engaging way possible. We achieved this by interviewing founder and CEO Adam Weiss and letting his genuine passion for his company shine.  We chose upbeat music and a bright, colorful look to create a positive feel that aligns with Keepsake’s brand.

To stop the scroll, we begin with a charming personal moment as Adam presents his own Keepsake-framed wedding photo. This buys us enough time with the viewer to describe the ways in which the app can add value to their lives. With screen replacement animations, we show how simple and fun it is to use the app.  We then list several additional reasons to believe in the product and close with a sincere call to action.


The founder vid got over 1 million targeted views on paid advertising,  +50% ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) on Facebook and Instagram, and a strong 35% view rate across the board. A re-edit of this video that ran on national television in 2020 was a smash hit for the company!



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