At Filmkraft, in addition to the work we do for our clients, we also develop original series and documentaries.  Discover our current projects below.


In this original series, embark on a journey around the world in search of groundbreaking new music. In each episode, meet a musician who is reinventing sounds with bold experiments and fresh ideas. Enter their studios and sit down for an intimate performance. Learn about the ideas, obsessions, philosophies, and emotions that inspire their work. Discover new sounds monthly at facebook.com/impromptu. The first episode, with composer Ólafur Arnalds, premieres August 5. 


With the arrival of machine learning, computers can now compose music, write screenplays and make paintings. Art/ificial, a new series by Filmkraft, asks the question: can computers be creative? Experience the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, meet pioneers in the field, and encounter software-generated art that is indistinguishable from human-made work. In a world where technology can mimic humanity’s most creative endeavours, are humans becoming redundant?


The Prophecy: A Warning of Climate Change in Alaska is a 52-minute long documentary by Dmitry Trakovsky and Paloma Veinstein.