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We produce the next generation of testimonial videos
that have driven spectacular ROI on TV and social.

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Social Proof Sells Best

According to a study published in Forbes, testimonial videos are the most effective type of video content. There is no misunderstanding that people look for others when it comes to making buying decisions. Hearing a professional or client speak about your business, offer or service is the most effective way to engage a potential customer with your business.
We have produced several testimonial-video campaigns for TV and social and have made millions of dollars for our clients. Our key is to focus on the creative to make appealing videos that not only present your company in the best light, but most of all, keep generating profit.

We Broke Records

Valentine's Day

We produced this TV campaign for 1800Flowers for Valentine's Day that performed number 1 of all their ads while being the cheapest one at the same time. 

Keepsake Remote

This social media campaign achieved an ROI of 4 at a constant rate, and it is still running successfully.

Mother's Day

Our TV campaign for Mother's Day drove all web traffic up to 30% and reduced the costs-per-conversion by up to 80%.

The Power of Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos have a high cost-efficiency. Comparatively to other types of video content, they are cheaper to produce and drive higher ROI.
Discover the versatility of testimonial videos. From unscripted to scripted, naturalistic to conceptual, utilize social proof to grow your brand.
We produce all our testimonials remotely with our own Filmkraft Box. Broadcast-quality fast and easy! Click here for more info.
Testimonial videos are a cornerstone for any company's video strategy. Relatable, authentic, informative, emotional and fun to watch. 

Our Packages For All Sizes

Customer UGC testimonial

Customized concept following our proven marketing methods

Pre-production, shoot, and edit

Delivery in square and 16:9 for all social media channels

Delivery of two different lenghts for strategic retargeting

UGC (1).png
A great start to get a taste of what testimonial videos can do for you 

Remote Shoot with Filmkraft Box Smart

Development of three customized concepts

Full production with modern motion graphics and title design

Delivery in 4k and broadcast-ready quality for TV and social

Delivery of three different lengths for strategic retargeting

Our most cost-efficient package includes all the ingredients for a high-performing campaign

Remote Shoot with Filmkraft Box Pro

Development of five marketing video concepts

Full production and extended crew for a creative firework

Cinematic, highest-quality videos in 4k

Different versions and lengths for the whole funnel

Filmkraft's flagship program presses all the buttons for the biggest profit

Fully Customizable To Fit Your Needs

Customized (3).png
Every client is unique and so are her marketing needs. We listen and want to create an offer that is perfect for you.
Customized (3).png
Every element of our packages are interchangeable and we also offer many add-ons like e.g. animation, subtitling, and voice-over.
Customized (3).png
We offer a comprehensive video marketing strategy with long-lasting modular content that keeps making profit.
If you have any questions about our services, budgets, or would like to talk about your specific video needs, don't hesitate to reach out!

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