67 West Street Suite 401 

Brooklyn, NY 11222


We're filmmakers at heart. 

We believe the backbone of a successful commercial is good creative. 

Combine out-of-the-box ideas with striking visuals and you will cut through the noise.

We're a one-stop shop.

You’ve got a lot of weight on your shoulders. 

We’re a dedicated team that will take care of you from strategy to post.

This shouldn't cost a fortune.

Big results don’t need a big budget, just smart planning.

Our mission is to make top-level content accessible to every customer.

Filmkraft is a NYC-based

creative video agency. 

What's that?  A creative video agency is an advertising agency and video production company combined into one streamlined video marketing machine.  

Why?  Because these days, nobody wants to bounce back and forth between costly ad agencies and bloated production companies. At Filmkraft, we will identify your challenges and goals, create a video strategy... and execute!  Also, we help with distribution and marketing and believe in the power of A/B testing to help companies make videos that get the best results.