B2B Customer Story Videos.
Your Story. Told by your clients.

Supercharge your Sales Team with Cinematic Corporate Videos

At Filmkraft, we combine human storytelling with the power of customer testimonials to make an emotional connection with your prospects.
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A person holding a vase with flowers
A person holding a vase with flowers
A person holding a vase with flowers
A person holding a vase with flowers

Who can tell your brand’s story better than your customers?

Look around. Engaging corporate videos are hard to find. Yet, there’s no better way to tell your company’s story than through your clients and partners. That’s why at Filmkraft, we aim to breathe new life into B2B video and create the ultimate marketing asset for your brand. We do this by asking the right questions and seeking something unique and genuine in each film.

Discover the Power of B2B Customer Stories

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The Perfect B2B Solution to:

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Spotlight a Partnership
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Show Happy Customers
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Launch a Product
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Explain a Service
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Mark a Milestone
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Celebrate Success

Benefits of B2B Customer Story Videos

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Equip Your Sales Team

Don’t talk about your success, show it! Your sales team can use an exciting customer story video to inspire your prospects to become clients
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Elevate Your Website

Wow, there sure are lot of words on your website. Not only can engaging video content spruce up your site, but it can help improve SEO as well.
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Boost Conversion Rates

Hard time closing deals? A B2B customer story can emotionally convert your product or service into the solution for your prospect’s problem.
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Impress at Trade Shows

If you could bring your favorite customers to your next trade show with you to rave about your brand, we would recommend that. Until you get that figured out, show a customer story video instead.
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Enhance Brand Credibility

B2B customer story videos can significantly enhance brand credibility, showcasing authentic success stories that build trust with potential clients. There isn’t really a better way to do it.
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Create a Source of Truth

Take the customer story video, and write a blog from it. Include your clients’ quotes everywhere. Chop it up into little pieces and post it on social. Make ads out of it. Your customer story video is the gift that keeps on giving.

Video Packages

Simple project-by-project pricing. Let’s go for it.


The Fundamental
Customer Story Video
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What’s included:
60-second video
Interview and product usage b-roll
Strategy and script
Post-production and editing
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Tailored Excellence for
Unique Brand Stories

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What’s included:
Custom deliverables
Multiple interviews and locations
Dedicated project manager and creative director
Unlimited revisions within project scope
Marketing consultation
Media buying
SEO audit
Distribution planning
Legal clearance and licensing
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The customer story videos Filmkraft made for Stereolabs were a game changer for us. All of a sudden, conversions shot up. It was magic.

Cecile Schmollgruber
CEO, Stereolabs
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Build Trust and Foster Lasting Relationships

Cultivate enduring client connections and establish deep trust through our impactful B2B customer story videos, creating lasting business partnerships.

Innovative 2D and 3D Animation for B2B Storytelling

Elevate B2B customer stories with our 2D/3D animations and cutting-edge motion graphics, enhancing engagement and clearly illustrating product features.
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Our B2B Video Recipe.

A lot of work goes into creating a fantastic customer story video, from storytelling to legal. We take care of everything.
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Finding the Right Customer and Story

We work with you to identify the right customer stories to feature and help get your partners on board with the project.
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Understanding your Vertical

We take a deep dive into your industry and work with you to create a storyline and questions that will resonate.
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Legal Rights

We make sure to get all the legal documents in place and signed before the shoot.
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High End Video Shoot

It's important that your customer enjoys the process. Our friendly, experienced team has a light footprint, and the environment will be super cozy and comfortable.
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We take care of organizing locations, crew, logistics, and everything in between.
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Making the Most
of Assets

In addition to an incredible video,  we can deliver a bank video and image assets that you can use in ads, website case studies, blogs, and more.


What are B2B Customer Story Videos?
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B2B Customer Video Stories are a blend of testimonial and case study videos, showcasing real customer experiences and the success of your services or products.
How do B2B Customer Stories differ from regular testimonials?
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Unlike standard testimonials, these stories offer a more in-depth look, combining narrative storytelling with customer case studies to demonstrate real-world applications, benefits and success to inspire new prospects.
What is the typical production timeline for a B2B Customer Story Video?
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The production process generally takes about 4 weeks from contract signing to the delivery of the final cut under usual circumstances.
Is a customer story video right for my industry?
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If your company has customers, then this video will work for you! Filmkraft is experienced in a variety of B2B industries, from tech and media to agriculture and medicine.
What makes a good B2B Customer Story Video?
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A compelling B2B Customer Story Video is authentic, relatable, and clearly demonstrates how your solution addresses real business challenges. Most importantly, it needs to be fun to watch.
How can B2B Customer Story Videos be integrated into our marketing strategy?
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These videos can be utilized across multiple platforms such as your website, social media, email marketing, trade shows, and sales presentations to enhance brand awareness and support sales.
What is the ROI of B2B Customer Story Videos?
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While specific ROI can vary, these videos often lead to higher engagement, increased conversion rates, and stronger brand loyalty, significantly contributing to your marketing efforts.
What types of B2B videos do you make?
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We offer a variety of B2B video types, including product demo videos, recruitment videos, branded documentaries and animated explainers.
How do we begin creating a B2B Customer Story Video?
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To get started, contact us for a consultation. We'll discuss your goals, target audience, and key messages to begin crafting your unique B2B Customer Story Video.
Where are B2B Customer Story Videos Filmed?
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We offer global flexibility in filming locations for our B2B Customer Story Videos. Our team is equipped to shoot worldwide, bringing our professional video production services to wherever your story needs to be told.
Where is Filmkraft based?
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We’re located in New York City. Come by for a visit next time you’re in the Big Apple!

Turn Your Success Stories into Powerful Marketing Tools

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