Our Success Stories

These five case studies will give you a good snapshot of what we can do for you. 

Scroll down below to see some of our other favorites.

Keepsake Testimonial

We invented a unique remote videography system to shoot a personable customer testimonial TV ad during the pandemic.

France-Amerique TV Ad

We brought this magazine’s illustrated covers to life in this animated commercial.

Vizrt / CNN Case Study

Vizrt, an industry-leader in augmented reality, hired us to showcase their partnership with CNN in this sleek case study video.

Keepsake Explainer

The punchy explainer video we made for this picture-framing app got a monster ROAS on Facebook and national TV!

Michelin Branded Doc

Michelin invited us to Palm Springs to make a branded documentary about a team of engineers building the fastest car in the world. 

More of our vids

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Our specialty: explainer videos, testimonials, and commercials.

At Filmkraft, we specialize in several kinds of modern video formats that have been getting our clients the best results. 


For a start-up in need of explaining its product to the world, we'd probably recommend an explainer video.  These focus on taking the complexity of your service, boiling it down to the essentials, and presenting it to the viewer in the most engaging way possible.  A good explainer video can live on your website for years, and its the perfect base for a social media video marketing campaign that can get you a direct ROI.

Check out how one of our customers used an explainer video to get a +300% ROAS.

Our second specialty is the client testimonial film. Whether you're a B2B or D2C, the client testimonial film is an authentic tool that establishes credibility and builds brand trust.


Word-of-mouth marketing works.  With this video format, your customers speak directly to prospective clients about you.  A case study film makes for a great addition to your website, but it can also be a killer tool in the hands of your sales reps. 

See the case study video we made about Vizrt's work with CNN. 

Last but not least, we make high-concept commercials and brand films.  These are perfect for a company that wants to make a splash on television or to build out its brand value.  

Watch this playful animated commercial created by Filmkraft that mixed real locations and illustrated characters.


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