Hey, you need a video.

Everybody does these days. But productions can be expensive, complicated, and scary. 


At Filmkraft, our mission is to make the creative process as easy and fun as possible, so more time can be spent on important things, like strategy and filmmaking.

We're here to help.

Filmkraft began in 2017.  We were two filmmaker friends who met at Columbia University.  When we noticed that many brands struggle to make video content, we set out to create an inviting, friendly environment in which out-of-the-box ideas and masterful filmmaking could thrive. 


Today, Filmkraft is a creative video agency based in Brooklyn, New York.  We offer a full range of services - from ideation and screenwriting to production, post, and marketing - all under one roof.  We're always looking to expand our team of sunny, talented creators from all around the world. 


So, if you're looking for the smoothest way to get top quality content, we would love a chance to work with you.  We're the agency that makes video easy.

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They trusted us:

What will you gain from working with us?

All companies need video to compete, and we can deliver it, from start to finish, at lightning speed and an incredibly low price.  Here are some reasons that you should work with us:   

Make a video with us because we offer a great value.  Check out our pricing FAQ.  If the figures seem high, keep in mind that similar content created by other agencies will often cost at least twice as much.  We create top-level creative at a super competitive rate. 


Make a video with us because you'll make money.  Nobody can guarantee ROI.  However, when you hire Filmkraft, we're gonna make it our goal to create content that gets you tangible results.  If you're D2C, then an engaging explainer video delivered on social and refined through A/B testing and data is one of the best ways to reach new customers and boost sales.


Make a video with us to raise the bar for your brand.  You have an awesome site, great copy, and a solid brand identity, but one thing is missing... videos! Filmkraft offers experienced writers, amazing filmmakers, and dedicated editors who will get you the high-quality content that will take your brand to the next level.     


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Brooklyn, NY 11222