At Filmkraft, we're always looking for enthusiastic people to work with.  Whether you're a director, videographer, marketing specialist, or something else, we'd love to hear from you! If you think you have what it takes, email us at or fill out this nifty form!

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Creative Video Agency =

Video Production Company +

Ad Agency

Filmkraft is an advertising agency and a video production company.  We begin by planning a video marketing strategy for our clients, then develop ideas and write scripts.  Finally, we shoot, edit, and post-produce videos in house.  After the films are complete, we help our clients run content online and then evaluate the results through A/B testing.  This information helps us reevaluate the original strategy so that we can determine more cost-effective ways for our clients to achieve their goals.  

If that sounds fun to you, and if you have experience in either advertising or video production, we would love to hear from you. 

We often hire crew for individual shoots and projects, and we post full time opportunities on this page when they become available.  

On the advertising agency side of the equation, we're looking for people who have experience with video marketing, branding, strategy development, and data analytics.  If you're a master in pitching, design, or writing proposals, we need you too!  Many of our customers run targeted D2C video campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, so if you have those skills, please reach out.

As a video production company, we're looking for all sorts of talent based in the New York area and abroad.  Locally, we'd love to meet set designers, HMU, sound technicians, DP's, gaffers, and producers. If you're located somewhere else in the world, we'd love to chat if you're an editor, sound mixer, colorist, animator, graphic designer, or motion graphics artist.  

In other words, no matter what your skillset is, if you're as passionate about film production and advertising as we are, we look forward to meeting you!