Harnessing the Power of Connected TV

The Full Transcript of Our Interview with Keynes Digital’s Chris Chen

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, Connected TV (CTV) stands out as a transformative platform. Leading the charge at Keynes Digital is Chris Chen, Chief Revenue Officer, who expertly combines ad technology with strategic marketing to optimize CTV’s potential. In this interview, Chen discusses the advantages of CTV, effective strategies for its implementation, and his vision for its future in digital marketing.

This is the full interview transcript of our interview with Chris. For a quick read, you can read our executive summary here [link to chris chen blog post].

Filmkraft: Can you describe your role at Keynes Digital?

Chris Chen: I lead Keynes Digital, an ad tech company that integrates the functionalities of a traditional agency with advanced technologies to avoid typical agency fees. Our focus is primarily on CTV advertising, aimed at enhancing performance marketing through effective awareness, traffic, and customer acquisition strategies.

Which businesses benefit most from CTV advertising?

CTV is particularly effective for retail, e-commerce, and direct-to-consumer brands, including consumer packaged goods companies that aim to increase visibility and drive sales through large retailers.

What budget threshold do you recommend for smaller brands considering CTV advertising?

Smaller brands should consider CTV when their monthly media budget reaches about $200,000. This level allows them to adequately test CTV's effectiveness without significant financial risk.

How does CTV advertising uniquely reach audiences compared to traditional TV?

CTV targets specific audiences through detailed behavioral and demographic data, much like digital advertising but on a larger screen. This allows for engaging multiple viewers at once, potentially increasing the impact of the advertising significantly compared to traditional TV.

What advantages does CTV offer over social platforms?

CTV provides a distinct advantage by engaging audiences on larger screens, which is ideal for content that benefits from group viewing. This enhances the viewing experience and can lead to more interactive and communal viewing habits compared to the more individual-focused formats of social media.

What creative strategies enhance the effectiveness of CTV campaigns?

Effective CTV creatives should quickly engage viewers with clear, compelling calls to action. Utilizing direct response tactics such as persistent URLs and strong visual elements are crucial, especially when the goal is to drive immediate action.

Can you discuss the economic differences between advertising on linear TV versus CTV?

While linear TV typically offers lower CPMs and broad reach, CTV allows for more targeted and measurable ad placements, often leading to a higher ROI. Unlike linear TV, CTV enables advertisers to directly track the effectiveness of their ads and adjust strategies in real-time for optimal performance.

What range of CTV inventory providers do you work with?

We utilize a broad array of platforms, including major streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix. Our strategy focuses on reaching our target audience wherever they are most engaged, regardless of the specific channel or service.

What are typical CPM rates for CTV, and what misconceptions do businesses often have about this platform?

Premium CTV inventory generally sees CPMs ranging from $25 to $30. A common misconception is that CTV is not as effective as traditional or digital ads. However, businesses that allocate budget to CTV often find it exceeds performance benchmarks due to its precise targeting capabilities.

Finally, what attracted you to specialize in CTV and how do you view its future in the advertising landscape?

I was drawn to CTV for its ability to merge the impact of traditional TV with the precision of digital advertising. It has proven highly effective in early tests and ongoing campaigns. I believe CTV will continue to grow as an essential part of digital marketing strategies, especially as viewer habits evolve towards streaming.

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