Understanding Meta Advertising Policies to Create the Best Ads

Understanding meta advertising policies is the key to create the best ads on the platform. Read our post to learn how to produce high-performing Meta ads.

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How do you make your video ad campaign stand out among the sea of content on social media and successfully capture your audience's attention? The answer lies in understanding how a platform works. With Meta, knowledge of Meta advertising policies is key.

In our blog post, we're going to demystify the process to captivate your audience by crafting compelling video content. And if you're only using static images in your Meta campaigns, you're missing out on creative success that comes with video.

This list of 11 powerful tips from our creative agency will make sure you can build top-performing video ad campaigns that resonate with your target audience and optimize your return on investment.

Now let's dive in and maximize the potential of your Facebook and Instagram marketing!

11 Creative Tips for Video Ads on Social

The following are the 11 creative tips you can use to maximize video ads on social:

Tip #1. Engage Your Audience Right Away

One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Three Mississippi. 

That’s all the time you have to hook a viewer with a Meta video ad on Facebook or Instagram. Competition in the feed or on stories is fierce. What images and stories would get your target customer to stop scrolling for just a second and watch? First, put yourself in your target customer’s shoes. Who are you talking to, and why? What desire or hope drives them? What fear or worry keeps them up at night? 

For example, if you were a company that provides solar panels directly to consumers, your target audience may include middle-class families struggling with high bills. You could create a strong image, graphic, or headline that gets to the heart of their situation and says “Tired of sky-high gas bills?”

Mission accomplished! You’ve got their attention, but what now? Keep reading!

Tip #2. Stop the Scroll

The first few seconds of a video ad are so important. If you don’t grab someone in the first impression, then you lose them for the entire video. Don’t let impressions get wasted!

Some proven techniques for attention-grabbing openers include:

  • Straight Talk: Show a real person speaking straight to the viewer. We’re all human, so eye to eye contact grabs attention and creates immediate trust. “Hi, I’m Jess, the founder of…”
  • Question Opener: Starting your ad with a question can pique curiosity. Questions prompt viewers to think about their own situation. Ideally, they will stick around for the answer. “Have you ever run out of water on a long run?”
  • Cliffhanger Statement: Begin with half a statement…the viewer will stick around to find out what happens next. “Keep watching to find out how I did it…”
  • Cue the Curiosity: Start with a mysterious or intriguing scenario that leaves the viewer guessing what's happening. Curiosity is a powerful tool to retain viewer attention. “These shoes look new, but they’re actually 30 years old!”
  • Unconventional Visuals: Try unusual visual approaches. Some visuals can be just different enough to get viewers to stop and watch. Examples include using a blurry image or showing an interface (like an iMessage chat screen) that you wouldn’t expect to see in your Facebook feed. Just make sure you don’t annoy your viewers when using these tricks.

Your primary aim in these crucial first seconds is to stop the scroll, grab attention, and encourage viewers to engage with your ad. Be creative, innovative, and always keep your target audience's preferences in mind.

Tip #3. Brand Brand Brand.

The viewer should understand what they’re watching within the first moments of the ad. Waste no time to show your product and brand with text and images right away. Use your logo (check out our awesome logo bug placement guide!). Mention your brand in the voiceover (VO) multiple times. Just the simple act of mentioning your brand and service multiple times can greatly improve brand recall.

Brand cues play a vital role in reinforcing your brand identity and creating an emotional connection. They include elements like distinctive music, consistent tone, or color palette that are strongly associated with your brand. Use these elements consistently so your audience subconsciously associates them with your brand to  

By consistently using these cues, your audience will subconsciously begin to associate these elements with your brand which boosts brand recognition and recall. Remember, your audience is being bombarded with information from all sides at all times. Grabbing their attention fast with a 'brand-first' approach can make all the difference in the success of your Facebook video ad campaign. Make it count!

Tip #4. State Your USP Early

Do you see a theme here? Do things as soon as you can! Be sure to say and write your unique selling proposition (USP) within the first 5 seconds. Otherwise, the viewer can scroll away without remembering what you actually offer.

Your USP is what sets you apart from your competitors. It's the one thing that your business does better than anyone else! By articulating your USP early in your video, you make a lasting impression on your viewer before they decide to scroll away or make dinner. Your audience needs to know how you’re different, and they need to know fast, and if you do it right, they’ll stick around to learn more.

Let’s go back to our solar panel company example. If you install your solar panels faster than the competition, your USP could be "Next-gen Solar Panels, Installed in Under 48 Hours." Make sure to say and display this in the first few seconds of the video. Remember, it's all about making an impact quickly and effectively. Show the brand, state your USP, and get to the benefits as fast as possible.

Tip #5. Double Down With Voiceover And Text

Say all the important things out loud AND write them out. For instance, when you introduce your USP, ensure it's not only spoken in the voiceover but also displayed on the screen in some kind of text or graphics form. This lets viewers quickly grasp your USP, enhancing brand recall.

Later in your ad, when you're highlighting features or benefits, adopt the same strategy. Write them out visually. Now your audience will remember the main selling points of your product or service, and the ad will make sense even without sound. 

Which brings us to the next point…

Tip #6. Make Sure Your Video Ad Makes Sense on Mute

Sound is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of video and Meta ads. It adds depth and context to your content. We suggest treating it like ketchup on fries - it really amps up the flavor and look, but it isn’t the main event. Remember! A significant portion of your audience is probably scrolling their feed in a setting where they can’t play videos with sound. Shhhh!

Whether they're in a public place or a quiet office, having your ad make sense on mute ensures you're not missing out on these silent viewers. Craft your video ad so it delivers the message even on mute. Incorporate compelling visuals, on-screen text, or even subtitles to convey your message. The key is to create an ad that's equally powerful and engaging, whether it's viewed with sound on or off.

Tip #7. Jazz Up Your Video Ads

Visual additions and enhancements like motion graphics, embellishments, and animations can significantly amplify viewer engagement. These techniques attract the audience's eye and help keep their interest throughout your ad.

Motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital footage that aren’t filmed in real life. They work great to explain complex information in engaging imagery. Animations can also inject a sense of dynamism and playfulness into your video.

Pro Tip: While these tools can elevate your content, they should complement, not overshadow, your main message. Use them strategically to create a visually stimulating and memorable ad.

Tip #8. Speed Up the Edit

In this rapidly-paced digital world, viewer attention spans are SHORT. It’s crucial for your video ad to maintain momentum via quick, sharp editing.

Fast cuts, brisk transitions, and a dynamic pace can improve viewer retention, especially for those browsing on mobile devices. A faster editing style matches user scrolling behavior on social platforms, where users may just stop for a second to consume your video.

But don’t rush! Just present your content in an engaging, energetic way. Rule of thumb — Each frame and scene should convey essential information or evoke the desired emotion to push the brand message and product story forward.

Pro Tip: Speed up the cuts to keep up with the pace. Create a rhythm that keeps your audience's eyes on the screen and their fingers from scrolling to the next piece of content.

Tip #9. Create an Emotional Connection

Making an authentic emotional connection with your audience will boost the effectiveness of your video ad. When viewers are emotionally invested, they are more likely to engage with your ad and desire your offer. If they like, comment, or share your video, then there’s also the potential to go viral and get a boost from the algorithm. 

The truth is that social media sites just want attention from their users, so if you have an ad that provokes emotion and gets high engagement, then it will get a boost from “the machine.”

Tip #10. Use Emotional Storytelling

Storytelling is the most powerful method to evoke emotion. A well-crafted story resonates with viewers on a personal level, and keeps them hooked from beginning to end. A strong emotional story will be remembered long after the ad is over, making it more likely for a potential customer to consider your offer when the time comes to make a choice.

Stories can be humorous, suspenseful, or poignant, but always empathetic to your target audience. Tapping into your viewer's emotions can be a game-changer for your video ad campaign. 

Remember, people may forget what you say or do, but they'll never forget how you made them feel. Aim for an emotional narrative that aligns with your brand and captivates your audience, and you'll see positive results immediately.

Tip #11. Seal the Deal With a Clear CTA

Round off your video ad with a clear and precise Call-to-Action (CTA). A CTA is your direct instruction to the viewer, stating what you'd like them to do next. You could tell someone to click on your website, subscribe to a channel, or sign up for a newsletter. A good CTA simultaneously sets specific expectations and guides your audience to the next step of their customer journey. 

Average CTA = Visit Our Website to Learn More

Awesome CTA = Get a Free Quote Now!

For a further boost, you can utilize the platform-specific CTA buttons offered by Facebook and Instagram. Add a "Call-to-Action" button to your video ads, with actions like "Shop Now," "Learn More," or "Sign Up," based on your campaign's objectives.

On Instagram Stories, you can use the 'Swipe Up' feature in your video ads to direct viewers directly to a webpage or another destination. All these CTA tools provide a seamless experience and improve conversion rates. The key? Always do whatever you can to make it easier for potential customers to take the next step.

Create Meaningful Content

Video ads aren't just about showcasing a brand or products. Ads should strive to build a meaningful, lasting connection with your audience that makes them desire to learn more about your offer. Use the techniques above as a solid foundation to create video ads, but always add your own unique ideas and voice to reach your specific target audience based on their needs and desires. Meta and the rules for video on social media are always evolving.

At Filmkraft, we are constantly refreshing our playbook to make sure the videos we produce for our clients are emotionally engaging and highly effective.

Get in touch with us to talk about your video strategy. We love bringing our most successful ideas to help new clients find success with video on TV and digital.

Good luck out there!