Keepsake Frames


Keepsake Frames, a popular picture-framing app, wanted to safely shoot customer testimonials during the pandemic.  We put on our thinking caps and developed a unique system to record high-quality interviews at a distance. 



This was no ordinary interview shoot! Not only was it unsafe to shoot in person at the time, but interviewees were located in 5 different states.  We needed to find a way to film Keepsake's amazing customers from thousands of miles away, while retaining the visual and audio quality necessary for a broadcast TV commercial! 


After scouring the internet for simple remote workflows (and realizing that there weren't any to be found) we invented a system of our own: an easy-to-use, lightweight videography kit that could be sent directly to interviewees.  We were so happy with our innovation that we even gave it a name: the Filmkraft Box.

This videography setup included a tripod, light, mic, and a 4K camera.  We chose the iPhone 11 Pro for its excellent 4K picture quality, familiar user interface and ability to automatically upload footage to the cloud. 


With the Filmkraft Box, we smoothly filmed 5 interviews with customers all across the country.  First, we shipped the box directly to interviewees.  Next, we organized a 30-minute call to find the right composition and lighting as well as to test image and sound.  Lastly, we conducted interviews with the help of a second smartphone or tablet.


After the shoot, we downloaded the footage from the cloud and began editing right away!  Meanwhile, interviewees would send us back the kit using a pre-printed shipping label.  This was the easy peasy way to shoot high-quality interviews remotely!


As the saying goes, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"  While we couldn't schedule in-person shoots with our client's customers, we developed a simple system to conduct personable, at-home interviews with them.  The resulting footage was authentic, fresh and fun.  It led to four dynamic TV ads (2 x 15s and 2 x 30s) as well as numerous recuts for social media.


See one of our effective social re-edits below!


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