Michelin, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, invited us to shoot a branded documentary about a team of engineers who were trying to push a street-legal car to 300 mph.



Michelin wanted to solidify their reputation for trust by telling an authentic story about how their tires are chosen by professionals in the real world.   

Car on racetrack from Filmkraft's Michelin branded documentary


When we first found out about Hypercar Development and their quest to modify a McLaren to reach 300 mph on Michelin tires, we knew that their intrepid story would be a hit on social media. 


We filmed their extraordinary car in the farmlands near Palm Springs, California as well as on the renowned Thermal Club racetrack.  In interviews with the Hypercar team, we used a documentary approach, focusing on the real story instead of pre-planning a branded message.  This strategy proved successful: the team told us about their relationship with Michelin without any prompting, so their testimonials about the brand comes across as genuine... because it is!


The Pursuit of 300 ran successfully on all of Michelin's social media channels.  It was shared amongst car enthusiasts and beyond, resulting in thousands of post interactions on Facebook as well as a sky-high reaction to view ratio.  The authentic story of a group of engineers who chose Michelin tires to push the limits of the possible emphasized the brand's key attributes of safety, reliability, and trust.



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