Pioneering Connected TV Advertising

A Conversation with Keynes Digital’s Chris Chen

As businesses increasingly seek innovative ways to reach their audiences, CTV is emerging as a powerful tool that combines the expansive reach of traditional TV with the precision of digital targeting.

We interviewed Chris Chen, Chief Revenue Officer at Keynes Digital to explore the transformative potential of Connected TV (CTV) advertising. If you're interested in reading the complete transcript of the interview, you can find it here.

Keynes Digital is an industry leader in CTV, using audience first strategies to reshape the advertising landscape.

Understanding CTV and Its Advantages

What is CTV?

CTV refers to the delivery of internet-based video content on television sets. This modern approach allows for the utilization of advanced targeting technologies to precisely reach intended demographics, behaviors, and interests.

Key Advantages of CTV

Targeted Advertising: CTV enables precise audience targeting. For example, Keynes Digital focuses predominantly on CTV advertising for performance marketers who are used to an audience-first approach, being able to target individuals based on their demographics, interests, and predictive behavioral factors.

Cost Efficiency: CTV eschews traditional agency fees, offering a more budget-friendly advertising model. "We decided we're going to build an ad tech company... providing the best of both worlds: ad tech and agency, with a very cost-efficient model," explains Chen.

Performance Tracking: Advertisers can measure the impact of their campaigns in real-time, making timely adjustments to enhance effectiveness.

Ideal Candidates for CTV

Who Should Consider CTV?

Business-to-Consumer (B2C): Ideal for direct-to-consumer brands and e-commerce, CTV helps to boost product awareness and drive conversions.

Business-to-Business (B2B): For companies targeting specific professional roles or industries, CTV can significantly enhance account-based marketing efforts.

When to Start with CTV?

Businesses with a monthly ad spend of at least $200,000 can benefit from CTV without compromising other marketing efforts. Chen advises, "Advertisers that are spending at least $200,000 a month can allocate a small 10-15% budget without putting the business in financial harm's way."

The Mechanics of CTV Advertising

CTV adopts an audience-first strategy, similar to the targeting techniques used in search and social media advertising. "We are really inventory or audience agnostic," Chen states, emphasizing the focus on targeting the right individuals regardless of the platform they are using.

CTV versus Traditional TV

Targeting: CTV allows for precise audience targeting, ensuring each ad dollar is spent effectively. Chen contrasts this with traditional TV, noting, "With CTV, you know who you're reaching."

Engagement: CTV ads appear during premium content with limited commercial interruptions, enhancing viewer engagement. "If we can insert 15- and 30-second non-skippable ads during premium content, we'll do it," says Chen.

Effective Strategies for CTV Campaigns

Ad Length: Both 15-second and 30-second spots are effective, depending on the complexity of the message.

Creative Considerations: Ads should be designed for performance, featuring clear calls to action, persistent URLs, and engaging visuals. Chen advises, "CTV spots that have a persistent URL are really important... you may not have someone's 30 seconds of full, undivided attention."

Tips for Maximizing CTV Impact

Ensure ads are placed in the first slot of commercial breaks to capture maximum attention.

Use a mix of brand-centric and direct-response creatives to maintain viewer interest.

Consider retargeting strategies to reinforce messaging and convert interest into action.


CTV’s Evolutionary Advantage

CTV is not just a new avenue for reaching audiences but a pivotal evolution in how advertising can be personalized, measurable, and cost-effective. As Chris Chen articulates, adopting CTV advertising offers businesses a strategic advantage in the digital age, ensuring that their messages resonate with the right audience at the right moment.

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Keynes Digital knows how to deploy creative within a strategy that reaches the specific individuals a brand wants to target while maximizing efficiency by leveraging their long-term relationships with CTV providers.

We can speak from experience that Chris works incredibly hard to get results for his clients and build sustainable partnerships. If you feel like your brand might benefit from testing CTV, get in touch with Chris directly at