Since 1943, France-Amérique has been the leading bilingual magazine on French culture in the United States. Each of their playful covers features hand-drawn illustrations à la The New Yorker.



France-Amérique reached out to us in search of a TV commercial that would introduce their magazine to potential new customers and re-energize the brand's image.  They were looking for something fun and memorable that would broaden their appeal far beyond their subscriber base. 

Illustrated character jumps for animated tv commercial


We fell in love with the magazine's playful, charming and oh-so French cover designs right away. This led us to a crazy idea: what if the characters in these illustrations could come to life and frolic around the real world when humans were not around? France-Amérique loved the concept, which promised to be unique, eye-catching, and on-brand.  

To execute this elaborate combination of live action and animation, we planned a careful collaboration with over 10 creative departments including cinematography, set design, animation, voice-over acting, and music composition.  The video that resulted when all these elements came together is funny, informative, and engaging from beginning to end.  


The video was a big hit.  It reached a new target audience by doubling down on a central aspect of France-Amérique's branding strategy: the iconic covers.  The film ran on the international French-language channel TV5MONDE throughout the fourth quarter of 2019 and screened at numerous French cultural events, concerts, and film festivals across the USA.



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